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Silvaback Athletics


Silvaback Athletics is Cape Cod’s premium provider for health and fitness, sports performance training as well as functional training across all generations. Our philosophy is to teach that exercise is an important part of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We are a group of highly motivated, educated trainers. We are different from regular gyms in that we care about your performance, safety, and your experience! Our methods focus on being able to adapt and transfer your fitness to real life or sports specific applications by combining strength training through weightlifting, interval training through functional movement methods and aerobic training. We help you learn to move your body in ways it was built to move, highlighting adaptability and being able to transfer your fitness into practice in real life applications. Whatever your goals may be from running your first 5k, competing in a powerlifting meet, or prepping for your first bodybuilding show we have the tools and knowledge to get you there!

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*We also work with military and law enforcement adding combat training methods to a well rounded fitness program.